At North Adriatic Sailing Academy we offer high quality maritime training. We believe that only the best is good enough, so at our academy the sailing courses are conducted by exceptional instructors and excellent educational yachts X-35 One Design. The course programs are carefully and ambitiously designed to offer our students the best and quickest way to independent sailing under sail.

Sailing courses are performed in smaller groups (in most of the cases there are only four students and an instructor on board of a yacht), which enables individual work and adjusting to each individual student according to his or her knowledge, sailing potential and wishes. Instructor's task is not only the execution of »mandatory« course content but above all transfer of knowledge and performance of practical exercises that enable each and every student the fastest progress possible. Therefore the course programs are mainly a guideline, however we have sailed above and beyond these »guidelines« even in basic training – we have sailed in gale force winds above 30 knots, performed advanced sailing techniques and teached subjects that are usually taught in advanced, offshore or regatta courses

NASA Beginner Sailing Course is ideal for those wishing to experience sailing in safe and relaxed environment and feel a fragment of beauty and excitement offered by sailing under sails.

NASA Basic Sailing Course is both intensive and comprehensive, suitable for all, not only beginners but also more experienced sailors, as the program encompasses all basic knowledge and skills necessary for independent sailing.

NASA Advanced Sailing Course is designed by the people in mind who wish to upgrade their knowledge and skills and prepare themselves for challenges of sailing under sail. Elaborate course program includes spinnaker sailing, night sailing and man-overboard rescue training.

Plenty of sailing, new places, unpredictable circumstances, weather and navigational challenges, night sailing and watchkeeping – the shortest description of NASA Navigation Sailing Course. Excellent opportunity to test yourselves on a longer voyage and gain invaluable sailing experience.

From Slovenian coast the city of Venice is inviting as an extremely attractive NASA Offshore Sailing Course destination. The voyage on the route Piran – Venice –Piran takes us through more than 100 nautical miles of offshore sailing, crosses the north Adriatic shipping lanes and enters the Venetian lagoon with its extremely crowded canals to reach its destination – marina on a Venetian isle San Giorgio Maggiore, right across from the famous San Marco square. And back, of course.

NASA Regatta Sailing Course is technically and nautically most demanding sailing course attended mostly by students that have mastered the Basic and/or Advanced Sailing Course with flying colours and wish to make a step further – in an exciting world of regatta sailing.