• The year 2016 was the most succesful year in the history of North Adriatic Sailing Academy. More sailors visited school than ever before.  NASA racing teams competed on eleven regattas and earned the same amount of trophies (5 for the first place, 6 for the second place and 2 for third place)! The yacht Foxy sailed twice on route Marina Portorož – Porto Montenegro, it hosted sailors from Norway for the first time and took part in regatta in Montenegro (14th Fasinada Cup) for the first time and – won.
  • After a hard practice the newborn regatta Golf TEAM sparkled in convincing victory on the jubilee 40th Muggia-Portorose-Muggia regatta. Foxyce TEAM earned 3 cups (two in open class and one in ORC) on two regattas, while Bravo TEAM achieved excellent second place on unforgettable 68th Istrian regatta. 
  • NASA racing TEAM achieved probably the most significant result in the history of the Academy on the demanding “1000 islands” regatta – 2nd place in the 1st leg (Rijeka, Croatia – Tivat, Montenegro) in competition of 18 crews from 14 countries.
  • Company Pirnar d.o.o., the leading European innovator in the field of ALU entrance doors became the general sponsor of North Adriatic Sailing Academy.
  • Company Sailing Point d.o.o. provided North Adriatic Sailing Academy with inflatable lifejackets SPINLOCK 5D PRO SENSOR.
  • In 2015 two exceptional new sailing teams have been established. Both teams have achieved excellent results. All women sailing team “Foxyce”  have earned second place in their first regatta (Šavrinska race). Excellent result have achieved NASA sailing team “Echo” who win second place among 13 yachts in class at the Diplomatic regatta in Izola.
  • The members of the NASA sailing teams Alpha, Bravo and Charlie have formed NASA racing team. In the first year NASA racing team earned four trophies and two fourth places. Victory in Aprilia-Portorose regatta and thankless forth place on offshore regatta “Jabuka” will long remain in our memory.
  •  On 8th of February 2014 in Marina Portorož arrived new dream school sailing yacht – X-35 One Design! New owners of the yacht Mr. Aleksander Lieber and Mr. Aleš Bratož have thus proved their passion for sailing and trust in NASA sailing school. Elegant, fast and safe sailing yacht was a great asset for the North Adriatic Sailing Academy and its students.
  • We reached the new milestone. North Adriatic Sailing Academy have completed more than 30 courses in 2014. For the first time our school visited students from Macedonia, Montenegro, Russia and Switzerland. For the first time we carried out two annual regatta programs and founded two new sailing teams “Bravo” and “Charlie”.
  • Sailing teams “Alpha,” “Bravo” and “Charlie” participated in eight regattas and earned five trophies, no matter the focus was not primarily on result on regattas but on individual improvement of each student. Great credit for the success of the NASA sailing teams has Mr. Dušan Puh, which has led some memorable trainings at sea.
  • In 2013 we carried out 23 saling courses and executed the 1st annual regatta program on board X-41 One Design “Foxy Lady” and  created the first NASA sailing team “Alpha”.
  • Members of Alpha team founded Sailing Club NASA. The founding assembly of the S.C. NASA took place on 12.03.2013 in café Geonavtik (Ljubljana).
  • In cooperation with Slovenian Sailing Association and Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport in Piran is organised the 1st NASA “Sea survival” training.
  • During the third season North Adriatic Sailing Academy completed 18 sailing courses.
  • Sailing school NASA start to cooperate with charter company Inter Mares d.o.o. (Peter Prelovšek).
  • 50 students from Slovenia, Serbia, Belgium and America participated in 13 sailing courses.
  • Slovenian Sailing Association in cooperation with Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport in Piran and North Adriatic Sailing Academy organised the 1st “Sea survival” training in Gulf of Piran. “Sea survival” training was organized for the crew of Esimit Europa 2.
  • On 25th of May 2010 at 9:30 a.m. began the 1st NASA sailing course.
  • During the first season North Adriatic Sailing Academy realised 5 sailing courses.
  • The dream come true. 10.09.2009 North Adriatic Sailing Academy (NASA nautical education, Igor Orlov s.p.) was founded.
  • Dušan Puh became a mentor and instructor of North Adriatic Sailing Academy.
  • Company DNA d.o.o. provided North Adriatic Sailing Academy with inflatable lifejackets Ocean Safety “Commodore”.
  • MAVOX d.o.o. SHOP HENRI LLOYD supplied North Adriatic Sailing Academy with Henry Lloyd sailing clothes.
  • North Adriatic Sailing Academy start to cooperate with charter company Jonathan yachting d.o.o. (Rudi Frantar).